5 Tips for Getting a High Real Estate Appraisal

You know how important a real estate appraisal can be. It could help get you the loan you’ve wanted from a bank or get you a good price for your property when you put it up for sale.

Yes, we can understand how desperate you are to get a high real estate appraisal. That doesn’t mean you can influence the real estate appraiser by providing him with gifts or financial incentives (or a “bribe”, in plain-speak!)

But there are things you can do to get a favorable appraisal without anyone objecting. Let’s see what they are.

5 Tips for Getting a High Real Estate Appraisal

Tip #1: Make a list of the home improvements and extras.

Any home improvement made recently, or extras added to the house could help you get a higher valuation. The appraiser will certainly check for the obvious home improvements, such as any renovations made to the kitchen, or extras such as a dishwasher. But it is possible that they might miss out on a few less obvious home improvements or extras. For example, they might have missed out on the fact that you have an air conditioned garage which doubles up as a gym. What about the new siding that was recently installed? Make a list of every improvement like that, and give it to the real estate appraiser, so that he can take a good look at them.

Tip #2: Un-clutter the house, clean it as well as possible.

Make sure there is no clutter lying around the house when the appraiser comes visiting. Get rid of all the junk and anything that looks out of place. This is important because most appraisers – not all – consider the aesthetic appeal of the house during the evaluation. If your house presents a pleasing sight and they like what they see, you might get a few extra points for that. So there is a psychological advantage to keeping your house neat and tidy. That shouldn’t take a lot of effort really. Just make sure there are no dishes in the kitchen sink, there’s no food on the counter, or undergarments strewn across the floor. What about the coffee stain on the wall, or the discolored hardwood floors? For such complex cleaning tasks, you should consider hiring a professional cleaning service.

 Tip #3: Spruce up the garden, clean up the yard.

Hire a landscape professional to cut the grass, clean up the grass, spruce up the garden, trim the bushes, cut the overgrown branches of the tree next to the house, and so on. These are just some of the many things the appraiser looks for. Remember what we said about making your house look aesthetically pleasing?

 Tip #4: Focus on the kitchen and the bathrooms.

The kitchen and the bathrooms are among the first things that the residential property appraiser checks during their visit. Hire a plumber to check the bathroom fittings and repair or replace anything that is broken or not working. Hire a building contractor to renovate the kitchen wherever needed, within a budget that you are comfortable with.

Tip #5: Be honest with the real estate appraiser.

Real estate appraisers are people just like you. They really appreciate it when you are respectful to them, and answer their questions honestly, without holding back on any relevant information or misleading them. Good behavior will certainly get rewarded in one way or another.

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